Number 1 cause of car breakdowns

Non-starting vehicles, mainly due to problems with batteries, is the No1 cause of winter breakdowns, says Green Flag.

The roadside rescue firm says flat batteries account for almost half of all calls. Minor accidents - in second place - make up 10% of callouts.

3 ways to check your battery

Low fluid level

If your battery has removable covers you can inspect the level of electrolyte fluid inside the cells. You will see metal plates inside (side on from top). Fluid should be higher than the plate. Top up with distilled water (de-ionised).

Poor charging from alternator

A simple way to test if your alternator is charging is to start your car and put all your lights on full beam. When you rev your engine you should just be able to see the lights going brighter and then dimmer when you stop revving. If the car stalls when you put your lights on then the problem is probably with the alternator.

Incorrect battery fitted

Your battery needs the correct amp/hour ratings for your vehicle or your engine may stall or have trouble starting. Our staff can advise on the correct battery for your car.


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